Biohazard Cleanup Servicest

Crime scene, hoarding and hazardous waste cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

BIOPRO, LLC is committed to providing professional biohazard cleanup services to families and organizations throughout the Phoenix area. Our team is equipped to handle every situation, from extreme hoarding to suicide, homicide, drug abuse, and medical waste disposal. We use specialized equipment that allows us to work safely and restore your home or facility to its original state.

Our team is compassionate and respectful during the cleaning process. We understand that our services are often called for during the most difficult time in a person’s life. We are honored to use our biohazard cleanup services to help people begin the recovery process after a difficult time.

Our services encompass all biohazardous situations, including:

BIOPRO, LLC has been trusted to work with law enforcement agencies, fire stations, victim services, and insurance companies throughout Arizona. Our technicians undergo a minimum of 200 hours of training using OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) courses and seminars. Our team is trained to protect against contaminants to help restore any location to its original state. Above all: we care. We take pride in helping families and businesses throughout the Phoenix area.

BIOPRO, LLC uses special PPE and cleaning equipment that allows us to ensure the safety of our team and your building during cleanup. Our crews use industrial cleaning tools to effectively clear the space and return it to it’s original state. We clean every scene carefully, remaining mindful that in many cases this is still someone’s home or place of business. We clean your space as if it were our own, so you’ll know that everything will be spotless when you return.

Whether you need blood and bodily fluid cleanup, medical waste disposal, hoarding cleanup, or removal of toxic substances, our Phoenix-based biohazard cleanup team can help. Contact our representatives today to request a quote, learn more about our services, or schedule an appointment.