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What Do You Offer In Terms Of Medical Waste Disposal?
Medical Waste Disposal
BIOPRO, LLC specializes in medical waste disposal. Our company offers medical waste pickup and transport services, as well as hazardous material removal, homicide and suicide clean-up, hoarding cleaning solutions, and more. We have been in the sanitation and disinfection industry for more than 30 years and bring a huge amount of medical waste-related knowledge and experience to each and every assignment we undertake.

In our industry, the stakes are high and there is a reason so many companies in our industry have tried without success to duplicate our waste clean-up and disposal services. BIOPRO, LLC is proud to possess a huge amount of crime scene clean-up expertise, as well as the following biohazard clean-up and restoration services:

  • Medical waste pickup and disposal
  • Dangerous waste decontamination and clean-up solutions
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Compassion and professionalism during even the most stressful of times

The clean-up and removal of medical waste is not a job for beginners. BIOPRO, LLC supplies ongoing training for our team and is committed to providing outstanding service. We also employ specialized vehicles and high-tech equipment far beyond the means of our competitors in Phoenix, AZ. Join the many satisfied clients who have made us their biohazard clean-up company of choice.

Our innovative methods have helped to revolutionize our industry, and have made us an undisputed leader in our field. Feel free to call BIOPRO, LLC toll-free today at 877-492-7549.