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Building interior with large white columns and debris on red carpet

White houses on an angle that were moved by hurricane winds

Large tree snapped in half in front of white house

Front lawn view of Hurricane Katrina debris and beaten house

Random boat washed up in front of commercial glass building

Streetside debris pile during Hurricane Katrina aftermath cleanup

Interior of large kitchen damaged and debris left by Hurricane Katrina

BIOPRO truck in front of warped  blue building following Hurricane Katrina

White Ford BIOPRO truck near Hurricane Katrina damage

Dry Dock Café exterior with storm damage and exposed wood

White Ford BIOPRO truck in empty New Orleans parking lot

Street view of tree damage and receding water from Hurricane Katrina

White truck in front of white double gallery home with green graffiti

Washed up food and cardboard remains from flooding damage

BIOPRO truck in front of Holiday Inn in New Orleans LA

Large tree broken into brown roof following Hurricane Katrina