Chandler Crime Scene Clean Up Services

Specialized biohazard cleaning services for homicides and other crime scenes.

Open door to Chandler home with crime scene tape upRegular Janitorial Service Companies Do Not Have the Proper Training for Crime Scene Cleaning

When you hire BIOPRO, LLC for your Chandler or East Valley crime scene, you are hiring 32 years of experience with biohazard cleaning services. Other janitorial companies simply do not have this experience, nor do they have the specialized training necessary for such a task. It takes more skill and specialized techniques to restore a crime scene to its pre-crime state. No matter if the incident was a homicide, accident, suicide, or even a hoarding situation, there is often blood, biological matter and other bodily waste to remove before being able to rectify the contaminated area completely.

Chandler Crime Scene CleaningWe are diligent with decontamination, blood removal, body decomposition odor removal, sanitation, and disinfection. Our company is also authorized to perform biohazard and medical waste removal and disposal throughout Chandler and the East Valley.

Our technicians are a special bunch, and it takes a strong stomach to professionally handle the worst crime scenes and homicides found throughout Arizona. The work we have done together has helped BIOPRO, LLC receive awards and prominent features in both local and national news.

Don’t be fooled by some of the common assumptions about local janitorial crews for crime scene cleaning. Instead, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they amateurs who claim they can perform this very specialized line of work?
  • Is the company or crew properly licensed, bonded and insured for these types of situations, including biohazard/medical waste disposal?
  • Can they show examples of restoring a crime scene to its pre-crime state?

Chandler-area auto accidents and homicide crime scene cleanup jobs are not for amateurs. We cannot stress this point enough. There are many janitorial services companies who have no business performing these services but are continuing to do so without proper authentication and certification.

In a situation as serious and traumatic as a homicide crime scene, the cleanup is a vital part of the constructive healing process. Matters as serious as decontamination and disinfection call for a steady, experienced hand, and BIOPRO, LLC can provide it.

Make BIOPRO, LLC your only crime scene cleaning source. For urgent matters, get a free service quote by calling us toll-free at (877) 492-7549 today. We proudly serve these East Valley cities: