Homicide Clean Up

Homicide Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean Up / Crime Scene Cleaning - Homicide, Body Decomposition

What Services Do You Offer In Terms Of Homicide Clean Up?
Homicide Clean Up
Homicide clean up and crime scene cleaning represent a large part of what BIOPRO specializes in. Our homicide crime scene clean up services include blood removal, odor removal due to dead body decomposition, sanitation and disinfection, and other restoration services. We have set a standard for this type of clean scene cleaning work that our competitors aspire to. Homicide scenes require cleaners years of experience, which is what sets BIOPRO apart in the world of crime scene clean up.

BIOPRO, LLC continues to set the industry standard for cleaning and restoring crime scenes via a number of services that we have performed for nearly three decades.

  • We have cleaned the scenes of thousands of homicides through the years
  • We can restore any scene to its pre-crime state
  • We are experts at sanitizing and disinfecting crime scenes
  • We are the only properly licensed, bonded and insured Biohazard company in the state

Having been in the industry since 1985, BIOPRO's techniques and methods are well-honed. Be it a scene of a homicide, accidental death or intentional death, we have seen it before and know precisely what to do. We have helped countless families in their moments of need, and in those moments never forget what they are going through as we go about carrying out our duties.

No other company in the state of Arizona is qualified or licensed to do what we do at BIOPRO, LLC. Our services are carried out with the benefit of years of experience and the utmost respect and compassion for victims and their families. For more information on our expert professional services, please call us toll free at (877) 492-7549. We hope you will never need our services, but should the need arise we will be there for you at every turn.